Economic Mission to Mali

In Bamako, from 29 November to 2 December 2021, a unique opportunity to get to know a country with great economic potential.

The mission, organized in collaboration with the Delegation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Senegal and West Africa Bamako, aims to relate Italian companies with the Malian market.
There will be high-level institutional meetings and b2b tailored to the participating companies.

There are several reasons for interest, among others:

  • Mali’s growth rate (+5.7% between 2014 and 2019) is almost double the growth rate of the African continent over the same period (+3.31%).
  • The International Monetary Fund confirms positive data also for 2021 (economic growth rate of 4.2%, inflation of 3.1%, public debt/GDP ratio of 51%).
  • The country (20.3 million inhabitants in an area 4 times the size of Italy) is completely dependent on imports.
  • The sentiment towards “Made in Italy” and Italian companies is extremely positive.

Not least, we think this could be a strategically favorable moment to establish new relations.
Due to the recent political crisis with France, Mali’s first trading partner, the “France system” suffers from a very bad image.
Consequently, there is a strong propensity to buy from suppliers from other countries.


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