TP&P AFRICA / Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

TP&P AFRICA is responsible for offering its Business Intelligence consulting service to the customer, accompanying him through all the steps and guiding him towards the best solution:

  • first market orientation
  • market/country/sector analysis
  • competitor analysis and pricing
  • research and selection of stakeholder contacts, leads and prospects
  • specific information dossiers
  • webinars, seminars, B2B workshops and country presentations
  • organization of incoming-outgoing missions

TP&P AFRICA, strengthened by more than ten years of experience in the field and knowledge of the best practices of individual local markets, offers consulting services in the field of Business Intelligence with the aim of assisting its customers in an initial approach to the country of reference.

Smart business process management involves quick access to information and tools that help business leaders make decisions that improve the company’s business and bottom line.

What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence refers to the complex process of collecting and transforming data into strategy, with market orientation, in order to improve the performance of all business functions.

The approach adopted by TP&P AFRICA aims to identify relevant information to support decisionmaking in a proactive manner, considering the possibility of alternative scenarios. In this regard, the use of tools tailored to the client’s needs allows for a personalized advisory experience and a tailored service.

The Business Intelligence consultant will be responsible, among other things, for processing the data necessary for an initial market analysis and for the production of information dossiers aimed at supporting business decisions, making them faster and more effective.