TP&P AFRICA / Finance


TP&P AFRICA is responsible for offering its service of financial advice to the customer, accompanying him in all the steps and guiding him towards the best solution:

  • administrative, fiscal and tax assistance
  • assistance for participation in Community programmes and international organizations
  • subsidized finance
  • extraordinary operations (joint ventures, acquisitions and mergers)
  • legal advice
  • credit recovery-arbitrage

TP&P AFRICA, strengthened by more than ten years of experience in the field and knowledge of the best practices of individual local markets, offers financial advisory services with the aim of providing its clients with administrative, tax and fiscal assistance.

Risk analysis is the starting point for successful asset management that helps business leaders make decisions that improve the company’s business and bottom line.

How we do financial assistance

The approach adopted by TP&P AFRICA is based on the protection and enhancement of the client’s assets through the use of tools suited to their needs, customizing the advisory experience and offering a tailored service.

The financial advisor will deal, among other things, with subsidized finance, debt collection and manage extraordinary operations by supporting business decisions, making them faster and more effective.