TP&P AFRICA / Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communication

TP&P AFRICA offers its consulting service of Marketing and Communication to the customer, accompanying him in all the steps and directing him towards the best solution:

  • integrated online and offline strategic planning
  • content developer and social media relations
  • KPI preparation and monitoring
  • public relations
  • training

TP&P AFRICA, forte dell’esperienza ultradecennale sul campo e della conoscenza delle best practice dei singoli mercati locali, offre servizi di consulenza in Marketing e Comunicazione con lo scopo di assistere i propri clienti nella pianificazione strategica e delle pubbliche relazioni con il Paese di riferimento.

Una gestione intelligente della relazione tra azienda assistita e clienti si basa non esclusivamente su elementi tecnici ed economici, quanto più sulla condivisione e sul continuo aggiornamento sulle pratiche fondamentali dell’era digitale in cui viviamo.

What is Marketing

Nowadays, Marketing and Communication continue to play an increasingly crucial role in the development of a company’s business. In technical terms, Marketing deals with analyzing the reference market from the customer’s point of view, with the aim of intercepting and satisfying the customer’s needs.  In order for the practices to be effective, it is important that the company adopts a communication style in line with its audience but different from the other competitors, in order to emerge and differentiate itself.

The approach adopted by TP&P AFRICA aims at identifying the target market, intercepting its audience, setting up a direct contact with clients and managing the budgets set up by the company for this purpose. In this regard, the use of tools adapted to the client’s needs allows us to personalize the consulting experience and offer a tailor-made service.

The Marketing and Communication consultant will be responsible, among other things, for the strategic planning phases and the monitoring of KPIs aimed at supporting business decisions, making them faster and more effective.