Reliability and concreteness are the basic requirements of our action. Cordiality and pragmatism always travel with us.
In addition to the markets, we also know the territory, which is made up of human and professional relationships.
We love Africa, just as we love Italy

Niccolò Tendi

Co-Founder and Director TP&P AFRICA

Mechanical Engineer, entrepreneur and consultant.
President of the Italian-Senegalese and West African Chamber of Commerce.
More than 24 years of professional experience in Africa.

For 18 years, he managed the African subsidiary of a multinational company specializing in capital goods in the Energy sector, comprising over 100 resources including employees, technicians and clerks, directly present in 5 African countries.
He creates and develops a network of distributors and after-sales service throughout the sub-Saharan continent.

Later, he founded and managed a company for the production of aluminium frames.
Senior member of the Italian business community in Senegal, he contributes to the promotion of commercial relations between Italian and West African companies as President of the Italian-Senegalese and West African Chamber of Commerce.
In this context, he works as a consultant for Italian companies wishing to expand their business in the African continent.

Resident in Dakar for 24 years, he has dual Italian and Senegalese citizenship.

Pierpaolo Patroncini

Co-Founder and Director TP&P AFRICA

Consultant and entrepreneur, for over twenty years he has been working in the field of marketing and communication, business development and internationalization of companies.
Director of the Italian consulting company PP&P.

He was Director of Communication and Marketing of the construction company SICREA GROUP, of which he became Head of Foreign Market Development and President of the Senegalese branch SICREA DAKAR. Director of the Senegalese companies kaay ITALIA and KBB AFRICA.
External consultant for the management of relations with the territory of the Italian company IREN spa.

Counsellor and business developer for Italy Italian-Senegalese Chamber of Commerce and West Africa, he has a good knowledge of the African market, in particular of West Africa.


Internalization, a word that needs concreteness



Every internalization process requires the right preparation to face competition at a global level through targeted market analysis, research and selection of stakeholders, creation of specific information dossiers.



We develop a strategy based on consulting and operational assistance in all executive phases, from logistics to representative offices and the organization of export activities, up to the negotiation with the customer. We look for and meet companies, select them and finalize the sale of your products or services.



To support the processes of internalization and export, we create and develop integrated online and offline strategic planning activities that include the creation and production of specific content, social media relations and PR activities.



Through the knowledge of the global competitive context, of the distribution structure of the country of reference and of the market trends, we provide administrative, fiscal and tax assistance and consultancy services for participation in EU programmes and international bodies.